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Cercetare > Laboratorul de Procese Biologice Fundamentale

Fundamental Biological Processes Laboratory

Assistant Professor Ph.D. Liviu FARTAIS
phone: 0723 202413

Development and objectives

Studies on intraspecific genetic variability in tree species through electrophoresis and gas cromathographic analysis of primary and secondary biochemical marquers
Phase 1: The electrophoretic analysis of izozymes - primary biochemical compounds of genes activity
Phase 2: The study of secondary biochemical marquers using the gas cromathographic analysis of terpens

Studies of interactions between pollutants and secondary metabolites of some plant species
Phase1: Identification and quantitative analysis of main pollutants in the area;
Phase2: Ecotoxicological studies concerning the impact of main pollutants against the forest ecosystems;
Phase3: Establishment of correlations between the type and concentration of pollutants and the changes of induced perturbations in the metabolic pathways;
Phase4: Identification of principles, pathways and methods of ecosystems bioremediation unbalanced because of pollutants impact.

Physical and chemical methods in seed germination stimulation  
Phase 1 Ultrasounds effects contributions on the norway spruce seeds germination
Phase 2  The influence of the electromagnetic field on mitosis and catalase activity in maize caryopses with different viabilities and ages.
Phase 3 The impact of the treatment with nuclear radiations on the norway spruce seeds germination. and cytogenetic effects
Phase  4 The influence of the Mn2+ ions effects on the wheat seed germination.

The role of constitutive metabolites in plants fighting against biotic factors, the role of volatile components in priming plant to herbivores attacks.

Main research objectives :

A. Implementation of some biorational pesticides in integrated pest management
Phase 1: Establishing the efficacy of some commercial bio pesticides, which it has not yet introduced in IPM of some agricultural and sylvic pests.
Phase 2: Obtaining metabolites from spontaneous plants and testing effects on phytophagous insects.
Phase 3: Analysing of molecular mechanisms which take place in induced resistance against biotic factors and increasing plant productivity by treatments with BIONR, OxyxomTM, MessengerR or extracted by Reynoutria sachaliensis- Milsana R ši BTH.

B The role of the main volatile substances characteristic for Norway spruce in the answer of bark beetles Ips typographus and Ips duplicatus to their aggregative pheromones
Phase 1. Testing the response of Ips typographus adults to various combinations of alpha-pinene, limonene and synthetic aggregation pheromone;
Phase 2. Identifying the effect of the volatile natural substances characteristic to the spruce over the Ips duplicatus adults to the commercial pheromonal atractants;
Phase 3. Testing the response of Ips duplicatus adults to various combinations of aggregative synthetic pheromone with the monoterpenes alpha-pinene, limonene and myrcen.

General considerations about some vegetal extracts with impact on tissue cultures and tumoral cells
Phase 1 Harvesting and conditioning of plants species producing of bioactive compounds; genuine vegetals extracts
Phase 2 Identification and evaluation of new conditioning methods in order to maintaining of bioactive properties of extracts

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